narrow leaves microsorum (Microsorum pteropus "narrow")


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narrow leaves microsorum (Microsorum pteropus "narrow")


Common Name: narrow leaves microsorum
Proper Name: Microsorum pteropus "narrow"
Category: Ferns and Mosses
Temperature: 18 - 30 C
PH: 5-8
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Slow
Difficulty: Very Easy
Origin: Asia
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground
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Microsorum pteropus is a highly variable species, and new varieties are easily bred. M. pteropus ''Narrow'' has narrower leaves, which grow at a less acute angle from the stem than the normal M. pteropus. The plant attaches readily to roots and stones. A decorative plant, which is also suitable for smaller aquariums. [TROPICA]
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can it grow in a 185g tank with low-mid lighting and a little co2
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I acquired a few of these plants about a month ago and put them in my 10 gallon tank. When they arrived, they had lots of dying leaves. I cut off quite a few leaves and the plants are now recovering nicely. This is a great plant and works well in my 10 gallon with low light (Two 10W "mini" flourescent bulbs). This has been such a great plant that I am excited to try the other varieties of microsorum pteropus!
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Grows so slow. . .


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