Tonina fluviatilis (Tonina sp. fluviatilis)


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Tonina fluviatilis (Tonina sp. fluviatilis)


Common Name: Tonina fluviatilis
Proper Name: Tonina sp. fluviatilis
Category: Stem Plants
Temperature: 20 - 28 C
PH: 5.0 - 6.5
Lighting: High,Very High
Growth Rate: Very Slow
Difficulty: Very Hard
Origin: South America
Position in Aquascape: Background,Mid-Ground
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Tonina sp. 'fluviatilis' is a difficult plant to grow for the beginner. it prefers an acidic substrate such as Flora Base, Aqua soil, it will also do well in Eco Complete as long as the addition of peat is introduced underneath the main substrate, and a deep substrate of at least 3" recommended and soft water is a must, (Low KH/4 or less & GH/5 or less) Lighting needs to be within the 3wpg range. CO2 injection is a necessity, 24/7 managed and regulated for best results, a mist of C02 is recommended. Fertilization should be diligent, NPK, TE and Fe. The bio-filtration also plays an important role in the overall success of growing this plant and plants of this specie. filter needs to be large enough to produce good flow and house adequate media. A very stunning plant when grown to its glory in the aquarium. Propagation is easy for a healthy plant, it will produced new plants up along the stem, this plant is harder to grow than its cousin the T. Belem. It is a member of the Eriocaulonaceae/Eriocaulon specie.
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I brought some from the Allpahuayo Reserve...couldn t maintain them in my tank :( ....very demanding species!
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Mine have been very successful to up to this point. I bought two stems about 6in long. They were put in with my first plant order in my first ever planted tank. I'd say they are doing better than almost any plant in my tank, they were so tall I had to cut them in half and replant them, almost to the surface in my 75g. They are covered I mean covered in fussy roots half way up the stem about 10 in. That being said my belems are barely hanging on and I've lost 3 downoi, and an erio isn't looking great. I'm kind of worried I may upset them by replanting them like I did, but they were to tall... They also have no algae and other plants are showing lil. I have mass amounts of co2 , drop checker is yellow, high light, and ada malaya. My ph is 4... Maybe they like it that low, even though it's way to low. So the tops that i replanted are growing already , but the stems are not. Does anyone know if it will grow new side shoots? The bottom half of original plants aren't doing anything since I cut the tops off, its been a week or more and no signs of any change....


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