Wavy Swordplant (Aponogeton crispus)
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Wavy Swordplant (Aponogeton crispus)


Common Name: Wavy Swordplant
Proper Name: Aponogeton crispus
Category: Aponogetons and Criniums
Temperature: 20 - 30 C
PH: 5.0 - 8.0
Lighting: Medium
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Easy
Position in Aquascape: Background
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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This plant will also grow in high light conditions and can grow at a fast rate.
are you experienced?
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The crispus can be grown in low light. i have grown several in very dark tanks and they still grow! In medium-high lighting they will take over. I had one go from 5"-21" in 1 month in medium lighting.
Junior Member
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in my low lighted tank these plants grow long thin wavy edged leaves and is good looking in the backround
Planted Member
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this plant is so nice, easy to grow and flowers like crazy!
Planted Tank Guru
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This makes a nice center piece plant but you really need a tall tank it can get 30 inches tall with flower stems up to 6 feet long, they are easy to grow but respond better with light, CO2,
Algae Grower
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Grown out side the leaves will float on the water like water lily leaves. The difference is Apongeton crispus leaves are long and thin.
Algae Grower
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With leaves that rival the Madagascar lace this plant can make a great centerpiece, i have it slightly off center and it sends swords every which way, and almost over night like my lace, but my banana plant rises above and blocks all light so maybe this is why my leaves stay smaller.. i think it looks nice in a 10 gallon high light high ferts root tabs wrapped with roots in filter floss. Haven't had it flower yet though
Algae Grower
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Love this plant, purchased one last weekend and already grew 1.5 inches in 2 days in medium/bright light, I love it I have it in a 40 gallon tall.
Algae Grower
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This plant can be grown even in low light conditions with hardly any ferts. One of the fastest growing plant in my tank! It gets tall as well. The fish will enjoy swimming through the leaves of this plant! The wavy swordplant is a resilient and aesthetically pleasing.



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