Süßwassertang (Suesswassertang)


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Süßwassertang (Suesswassertang)


Common Name: Süßwassertang
Proper Name: Suesswassertang
Category: Ferns and Mosses
Temperature: 20 - 30 C
PH: 5.0 - 8.0
Lighting: Very Low,High
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Very Easy
Origin: Unknown
Position in Aquascape: Mid-Ground,Foreground
Planted Tank Guru
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A mysterious liverwort-like, aquatic plant popularly traded worldwide in the aquarium market has been identified as an undescribed fern gametophyte. Will grow well in low light or high light tanks.
are you experienced?
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Great for wood and rocks. Attach with hairnet or string, will attach itself after about a month or less. This grows slow but with medium-high light and co2 can grow fast as some mosses.
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Like what customdrumfinishes said, "Great for wood and rocks. Attach with hairnet or string, will attach itself after about a month or less." I have it growing in 1.5 wpg, T8 bulb, no CO2 or ferts. A very easy to care for plant and also nice looking when attached to lower sections of driftwood since it forms a dense "jungle".
Algae Grower
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It's growing pretty steadily in my low-tech tank. Fascinating plant to watch (and feel). It seems to shed algae somehow, because the couple of outbreaks I've had, it remains untouched. The correct pronunciation is something that's a small pet-peeve for me. It's German, so: zus-Vass-er-tang. The "u" with the two dots over it is pronounced kind of like the way we say "ew"--kind of. The round-looking "B" is a ligature (a combination) of a double "s." The "a" in "tang" is pronounced like the English word "awe." It means, literally, "sweetwater seaweed," and "sweetwater" is simply the way they refer to "freshwater." It makes sense, though, because it is somewhat reminiscent of Ulva and other marine macroalgaes. Hope this helps!
Wannabe Guru
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A very easy growing, delightful looking plant. I have no C02 or ferts and it still loves the tanks. Shrimp love to clean it, fish love to hide in it and my trees are wonderful to look at. I tied it on with cotton thread in various places on the manzanita wood sticks. Within a couple of months it was growing well and taking over. It does come off fairly easy from the other pieces, so be careful in touching it.


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