Rotala wallichii (Rotala sp. 'wallichii')
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Rotala wallichii (Rotala sp. 'wallichii')


Common Name: Rotala wallichii
Proper Name: Rotala sp. 'wallichii'
Category: Stem Plants
Temperature: 20 - 28 C
PH: 5.0 - 6.5
Lighting: High
Growth Rate: Medium
Difficulty: Hard
Origin: Asia
Position in Aquascape: Background,Mid-Ground
Planted Tank Guru
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I have had great success with this plant under specific conditions: Use a fertile substrate, this plant likes to root! I do not dose any nitrate (I have 2 otto's and 50+ RCS in my 10 gallon. Their poop will suffice). I dose plenty of phosphate as well as iron. Micro nutrients are also important for this plant. CO2 is a must or else it will stunt and die. High light is also a must, and you cannot let this plant be shaded. If you achieve the right conditions this plant will look spectacular. Good luck! Ryan a.k.a Wood
Planted Tank Guru
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This is a beautiful Rotala that isn't too difficult to grow. I've grown it before in a 46 gallon bowfront tank with inert gravel (that did have several year's worth of fish poo) and 2x39 T5HO and 1x25 T8. I dosed some of the Flourish line of ferts on a daily or bi-daily basis, and it grew a bit slowly, but nicely. However, the thin needle-like leaves are extremely susceptible to hair algae.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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While not nearly as demanding as rotala macrandra, this species still needs its many demands to be met. A high light with co2 injection is necessary for long term success. Inadequate lighting can really compromise the health of the plant. Leaves turn from red to green, and then from green to brown. I am looking toward to trying to keep this plant once more in the future.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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Thought my plant was dying when I saw it at night about a week after i got it. Turns out when it's done with its photoperiod the tops shut closed. Higher the light the pinker it gets
Algae Grower
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This one grows great in my tank with medium lighting, co2, and ei dosing. Grows quick and it has kept its reddish coloring.
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How do we trim Rotala Wallichii?



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