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Plant Profiles

Waterwheel Plant (Aldrovanda vesiculosa)
Proper Name: Aldrovanda vesiculosa
Common Name: Waterwheel Plant
Comments: 6
Images: 3
Rising Japanese Moss Balls (Cladophora aegagropila)
Proper Name: Cladophora aegagropila
Common Name: Rising Japanese Moss Balls
Comments: 41
Images: 2
Egleria fluctuans (Egleria fluctuans)
Proper Name: Egleria fluctuans
Common Name: Egleria fluctuans
Comments: 2
Images: 2
Lesser duckweed (Lemna minor)
Proper Name: Lemna minor
Common Name: Lesser duckweed
Comments: 32
Images: 1
Amazon Frogbit (limnobium laevigatum)
Proper Name: limnobium laevigatum
Common Name: Amazon Frogbit
Comments: 16
Images: 1
Red Root Floater (Phyllanthus fluitans)
Proper Name: Phyllanthus fluitans
Common Name: Red Root Floater
Comments: 8
Images: 2
Water Lettuce (Pistia stratiotes)
Proper Name: Pistia stratiotes
Common Name: Water Lettuce
Comments: 8
Images: 1
Crystalwort (Riccia fluitans)
Proper Name: Riccia fluitans
Common Name: Crystalwort
Comments: 15
Images: 5
Greater Duckweed, Giant Duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza)
Proper Name: Spirodela polyrhiza
Common Name: Greater Duckweed, Giant Duckweed
Comments: 4
Images: 1
Eichhornia crassipes (Water hyazinth)
Proper Name: Water hyazinth
Common Name: Eichhornia crassipes
Comments: 0
Images: 1
Water Spangles (Water Spangles)
Proper Name: Water Spangles
Common Name: Water Spangles
Comments: 8
Images: 1
Common Watermeal (Wolffia spp.)
Proper Name: Wolffia spp.
Common Name: Common Watermeal
Comments: 5
Images: 1
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