Poor Man's Discus (Uaru amphiacanthoides)


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Poor Man's Discus (Uaru amphiacanthoides)


Common Name: Poor Man's Discus
Proper Name: Uaru amphiacanthoides
Category: Cichlids
Temperature: 26 - 30 C
Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size: 10 cm
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Ya I wouldnt give anything for my uaru but they get much bigger than 10cm I think it was a typo. Agreed they shouldn't be in a planted tank. I put a 28" water onion it was eatin in 2 days.
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I have 2 of these guys 6.5" and the others 8". They are bossy fish that get nippy at feeding time. These guys need plants in their diet and they love anything green. I feed mine dry algae, veggies, veggies flakes. They also like a meaty food too. When they have enough green in their diet they will have more of s blue hue. These are great fish. They are entertaining and smart with lots of personality. I got mine as rescues and was going to sell them but I fell in love with them. They get Hith if kept in poor conditions. When I saved mine they had bad hith but it healed up fast with clean water and good diet. Not plant tank friendly. But would be good at eating your unwanted plants. The photo is of very young uarus. They look like this once adults. [IMG]http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj223/pepy311/fish/Uarulookin.jpg[/IMG] They like to bite wood. I think they eat some of it. Anything plant like goes in their mouth. [IMG]http://i273.photobucket.com/albums/jj223/pepy311/fish/P9284397.jpg[/IMG]
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