Coral Red Pencilfish (Nannostomus mortenthaleri)


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Coral Red Pencilfish (Nannostomus mortenthaleri)


Common Name: Coral Red Pencilfish
Proper Name: Nannostomus mortenthaleri
Category: Characins
Temperature: 23 - 28 C
Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size: 4 cm
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It's a characin, unlikely to be bred in large quantity for some time. However, it is a beautiful fish, and the price reflects that.
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Amazing fish - Males display and are quite interesting to watch. They hover near the surface of the water. The ones I have are not timid, they actually peck at my arm when I'm cleaning. Be careful because they are jumpers and at $12-14 each it's expensive to lose a couple. I have found that having plants floating the surface/wood sticking out of the water gives them shelter and they are less likely to jump. When I had agressive fish, they would jump out to escape harassment.
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In my planted tank, these guys are far and away my favorites. They have almost no fear of people and quite the personality. While I clean, most of my fish are hiding behind/under driftwood. These guys are pecking at freckles on my arm. I read a lot about them before adding them to my tank. One thing that is true is females don't make the journey as well as males. Most of what you'll see in stores are males, and the females may be in poor health. However, the males are not as territorial as most articles indicate. Mine might have a couple spats a day at most, nothing more (and no damage). My male Beckfords Pencilfish were far more aggresive towards eachother, forcing me to remove all but one (who still hounds the females).
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