Perugia's Woodcat (Tatia perugiae)


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Perugia's Woodcat (Tatia perugiae)


Common Name: Perugia's Woodcat
Proper Name: Tatia perugiae
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 25 - 28 C
Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size: 6 cm
Honeycomb Master
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I am proud to say that i obtained two of these little guys yesterday (January 1, 2011) from a LFS that happened to have a few. They're very cool fish, but they tend to be very reclusive when the lights are on during the day. However, if you put in some frozen bloodworms, they go CRAZY! They're very active during the night when the moonlights are on. Definitely my favorite fish!
Nerd Alert.
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This fish is amazing, it is the best fish ever, although I have never owned it, I plan on getting sometime this year. They like to be in groups of at least 4, although not necessary, also known as honeycomb catfish, and oil catfish. Bottom line: THEY ARE AMAZING!
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Will these fish eat my cherry shrimp?
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Pretty neat catfish! There seems to be a few speices of them that look alike so if you want a group buy them from the same place as the other might be different. Very easy to tell male from female. Unfortuntely, they are prong to ick and will result to death pretty quick. While contacting ick, they will look like they are starve to death with empty stomach. they seem to only eat bloodworm and sometimes shrimp pellet that i throw in. Always hide all the time. Can be in a tank along or with groups.
Algae Grower
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Awesome little fish! Mine used to hide all the time and never come out to eat, but she still lived (I now think it was eating my shrimp). When I moved her into a tank with no shrimp, she learned to come out and eat with the other fish. She looks like a little shark, swimming just below the surface! She eats flakes with no problem, and sometimes bites at my hand when I put it in the tank.
Planted Tank Guru
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Will eat cherry shrimp. Surface feeders, surprisingly, and very fun to watch. They can be shy, though. Make sure they get enough to eat... They prefer frozen. If you have a really skinny one, give him mosquito larvae. They LOVE mosquito larvae. They do prefer groups, but they do okay on their own. When you feed them, they come out and rapidly swim around the surface with their little whiskers brushing the water's surface to feel for food. It's adorable, all those little scramblers.
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