Hengel's Rasbora (Rasbora hengeli)


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Hengel's Rasbora (Rasbora hengeli)


Common Name: Hengel's Rasbora
Proper Name: Rasbora hengeli
Category: Cyprinids
Temperature: 24 - 26 C
Temperament Schooling
Maximum Size: 4 cm
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I recently bought 7 of these guys from my local fish store (Just Fish) in Lexington, KY. though they called them "Narrow Wedge Rasbora." 6 of them look just like the photo, 1 has the orange strip completely around the black all the way to the tail, top and bottem. It is much smaller than the others. Great little guys to watch. I love them. Joe
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According to www.FishBase.org the correct scientific name for Hengel's Rasbora is actually [I][B]Trigonostigma hengeli[/B][/I].
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These guys are the most active in my fish tank. They do school, and love to swim at the top part of my tank. The pristella tetras school in the middle, and my glowlight tetras love the middle and bottom. These rasboras fit well in my community. If I had more room, I'd get more.
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all the 3. harlequin, espei and this one are now the Trigonostimga genus. Laura is right
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I've also seen these fish sold as "Pork Chop Rasbora," because their black marking looks like a little pork chop! Very cool fish.
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These fish are extremely active! They swim around all over my tank. Plus they are very hardy, and beautiful!
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got some in a nano tank with red crabs and bloodfin terta brilliant shoal fish!! need a small active shoaler GET THESE!


Hengel's Rasbora
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