Brichard Lyretail Cichlid (Neolamprologus brichardi)


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Brichard Lyretail Cichlid (Neolamprologus brichardi)


Common Name: Brichard Lyretail Cichlid
Proper Name: Neolamprologus brichardi
Category: Cichlids
Temperature: 26 - 30 C
Temperament Territorial
Maximum Size: 10 cm
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I bought 8 of these guys hoping for a pair.......i got 2 pairs. the first pair had fry once, and in my cichlid community, they were devoured. The second p[air breeds every 3 weeks or so, but no survivors. able to stand it's own in any african community, these guys are very fun fish. while they don't have the color of mbuna or peacocks, they have a very gracefull aspect to them, and are very personable at times.
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The Brichard Cichlid is one of my favorite cichlids that I had...they are very easy to take care plus they breed almost immediately... I had about 4 and 2 albinos in my tank and as soon as one paired off and started breeding they killed the rest of their kinds....sadly the albinos died first. I prepared them a decent sized tank with dark rocks and wood drifts with java moss...they loved it ...they look reallie nice under the moon light which brings out their electric blue fins.
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Initiall, try to keep only 1 pair in the tank. After that, there is no stopping them...Multiple broods can be raised together with anything from 1 inchs to 1 cm to newborns.... Quite a sight to see a colony of muitlple size juveniles feeding with the main alfa pair. Read that the colony has a structure for breeding if there is subsequent pairing.


Brichard Lyretail Cichlid
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