Blue Emperor Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri)
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Blue Emperor Tetra (Inpaichthys kerri)


Common Name: Blue Emperor Tetra
Proper Name: Inpaichthys kerri
Category: Characins
Temperature: 23 - 28 C
Temperament Schooling
Maximum Size: 5 cm
Aquascaper = Artist
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Beautiful fish.. but they are jumpers so be careful with open top tanks! Torpedobarb
Junior Member
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Picked up a half dozen of these at my LFS today, from that experience and what I've seen on the net, it seems like the current pictures representing this particular species are not in fact Inpaichthys kerri, but Nematobrychon palmeri. Noticeable differences between the species are the presence of an adipose fin on I. kerri and the trident tail on male specimens of N. palmeri. Inpaichthys kerri is also much smaller than Nematobrychon palmeri, Growing to a max of ~1.5 in.
Planted Tank Guru
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I beleive... this is actually just the emporer tetra, the blue emperor tetras WHOLE body is a bluish purple, not to be confused with a blue kerri? tetra
Algae Grower
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All of these photos are indeed the Emperor Tetra, aka Nematobrycon palmeri. None of these pics are Inpaichthys kerri. I love these guys and often call them the Tsar of tetras. I believe them to be some of the most beautiful of our freshwater fish. I would recommend them but in no less than a 20 gallon long--they can get rough on each other.
Algae Grower
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Who does these profiles....emperor tetras and I. kerri are two completely different species.


Blue Emperor Tetra
Blue Emperor Tetra
Blue Emperor Tetra

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