Twig Catfish (Farlowella arcus)
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Twig Catfish (Farlowella arcus)


Common Name: Twig Catfish
Proper Name: Farlowella arcus
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 24 - 26 C
Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size: 16.5 cm
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another thing I thought id add this is this cool fish actually requires wood in their diet, not that they will perish without it however they are a lot healthier and happier when you have wood in your tank if you ever own one you will notice they spend their time sucking on the wood
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I keep one of these in a tank with my shrimp. The tank has a piece of driftwood as well as a large amazon sword. This little guy does a great job of keeping algae off the glass and doesnt bother the plants. Really cool looking little guys and definately could be mistaken for a twig in your tank until you see them move.
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This is an interesting fish - the reason I have it in my tank! It seems to stick on to most things in the tank and favours the wood. I've thought he was dead a few times because I was moving things around and he would just kind of float off the plant or wood and sit at the bottom...but nope! Another thing to mention is that these things look prehistoric. They are scaly and these pictures hardly do justice. I will try and get a good shot of mine without a flash.
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These catfish don't have a normal response to being startled. A normal fish will try to swim away. These fish will freeze and stiffen. This seems to be an evolved response to be more convincing as twigs. The point is that catching them is fairly easy, but don't bother with trying to use a net. They won't "curl" into it. If your fish seems like it has rigor mortis, this is normal. Just pick it up and it will be fine.


Twig Catfish
Twig Catfish
Twig Catfish

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