Schwartz's Cory (Corydoras schwartzi)
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Schwartz's Cory (Corydoras schwartzi)


Common Name: Schwartz's Cory
Proper Name: Corydoras schwartzi
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 22 - 27 C
Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size: 2.5 cm
Wannabe Guru
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These Cory catfish are probably one of the most versatile Corys out there. I have four of them; two in my 36 gallon community tank, and two in my 30 gallon small cichlid tank that currently houses three 1 1/2" Gold Severum and four 1 1/2" Tiger Oscars. They do great in both tanks. I would not recommend keeping these with larger cichlids, but since I move my cichlids to a larger tank when they reach the same size (2 1/2") as my Corys I have never had a single problem with aggression toward them. In this tank, the Corys and a pair of Rubber Lipped Plecos are the only permanent inhabitants, so they always seem to be comfortable in there. In the community tank, these guys are perfect; they are never aggressive toward my other fish and shrimps, and they are very active. They are also really sociable with my other Corys (two Bronze and two Panda) in the community tank; I almost always find them grouped with the other catfish.
Planted Tank Obsessed
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really cool looking corys. mine is out in the open and visible a lot more than my others, they are the most peacful fish i have kept and are always hiding under the leaves of my small swords and will make a mad dash to the surface and back.
Algae Grower
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I have 8 Schwartz's in a 90 gallon with 5 Roseline barbs and these are great there always cleaning and school very nicely. I first had 5 and they schooled ok but when I got the other 3 to add to the school of 5 they schooled much tightly and look some much better
Algae Grower
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Hardest workers in the tank. I never realized they were jewish.


Schwartz's Cory
Schwartz's Cory

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