Asian Glass Catfish (kryptopterus bicirrhis)


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Asian Glass Catfish (kryptopterus bicirrhis)


Common Name: Asian Glass Catfish
Proper Name: kryptopterus bicirrhis
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 21 - 26 C
Temperament Timid
Maximum Size: 10 cm
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Wow! no comments about the glass cats. I have 3, down from 4 for over 6 years. They don't like like and prefer to eat at night. They will even eat frozen blood worms from my fingers. Must have cover, caves or logs, during the day.
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I had 9 of these. Loved them! They would eagerly swim close to my hand at feeding time and align themselves in stair formation. Each one would take a turn to grab some food moving back in line at the bottom of the "stairs". Really cool fish, and in a planted tank with low light, they look incredible. As the water current moves, the light reflects colors through them. They are very peaceful and do not fair well with fast moving fish or semi-aggressive fish. IME they like to keep in a group and swim idle in mid level (sometimes lower) and if there are other fish that love to swim around the tank in a group, they can break the glass catfish school up, stressing them greatly. They prefer some current and will use the current to feed as well. Place the food at the end of the tank where the current begins, and the current will carry the food right into the glass cats mouths.
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Wow no comment love for the glass cats. Ive had 3 for two years now. They've been through 3 different tanks and have proven very hardy after acclimating. Originally I lost a few and they were hard to get adjusted. Mine originally would only eat frozen foods but over time started taking flake and even the pellets for my cories. They are nocturnal and hide under my driftwood during the day, but go crazy after dark. Very interesting fish and a good catfish for anyone that doesn't want to worry about an 8 inch cat taking over the bottom of their tank.
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