Blue florida Crayfish (Procambarus alleni)
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Blue florida Crayfish (Procambarus alleni)


Common Name: Blue florida Crayfish
Proper Name: Procambarus alleni
Category: Invertebrates
Temperature: 10 - 22 C
Temperament Aggresive
Maximum Size: 15 cm
Algae Grower
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Best kept in a well planted tank with fine gravel to dig in and with no other fish unless they are top strata only DONT BELIEVE WHAT PEOPLE SAY WILL EAT FISH!
Planted Tank Guru
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They ate every plant they got near and even uproot plastic plants making sure they're not edible.
Algae Grower
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they all plant in the tank
Wannabe Guru
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I love these guys I've had them for years they get huge, biggest one is 8 inches. They need lots of room when kept in pairs. They are really slow and love to uproot plants. Fish beware they are armed and extremely dangerous. Keep them with fast fish if they get a hold of one its over!!!!
Algae Grower
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Yeah I had this guy in a big oddball tank a few years back. There tough, gave my snakehead a run for its money.
Junior Member
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its too bad that they are so aggressive, i would love to have one in my community tank :(
Algae Grower
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Mine was probably about 6-7 inches from tail to claw. Do not keep with fish or plants unless you don't care if they get eatten. Mine didn't mess with plants as much but any fish I put in it got eatten right away. I put in a betta without knowing how aggressive they were. 15 minutes later I look back and the betta is missing all its fins.


Blue florida Crayfish

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