Whisker Shrimp (Macrobrachium SP)


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Whisker Shrimp (Macrobrachium SP)


Common Name: Whisker Shrimp
Proper Name: Macrobrachium SP
Category: Others
Temperature: 21 - 28 C
Temperament Unknown
Maximum Size: 0 cm
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If these are the same Whisker Shrimp sold to me by Petco, they are similar to ghost shrimp but have more markings in their body and they are better HUNTERS. Beware. I've seen ghost shrimp attack my platties. I've seen Whisker Shrimp KILL and EAT my platties. Or just eat them alive. They took several of my adults, and I can only expect fry to be even better targets. I avoid these shrimp because there are much more peaceful and more beautiful additions to my tanks. A $2 shrimp that eats fish I raised from fry is not my cup of tea ;)
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Quite similar in appearance to ghost shrimp although they grow to 1-2" and are much more aggressive. Not for community tanks but if you want a Whisker Shrimp only tank like I have it's fun to see such a vicious killer in action. They will feed on sinking foods and algae wafers, also deceased aquarium inhabitants(I placed my deceased snails in their tank and the shrimp went nuts and were quite happy haha!)
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I have two of these in my community tank (29 gallon). It used to be 3, but I'm guessing the alpha male took the other one out (found it in pieces). They do not bother my other inhabitants at all. In fact, they will literally climb over my cories to get to the other side of the tank. From the research I've done (very limited due to the little amount of info online), there are serveral types of species, some more aggressive than others. It all depends on which species you get, and even that is hard to determine as they are all very similar.
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