Madagascar Rainbow fish (Bedotia geayi)


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Madagascar Rainbow fish (Bedotia geayi)


Common Name: Madagascar Rainbow fish
Proper Name: Bedotia geayi
Category: Rainbow Fish
Temperature: 22 - 25 C
Temperament Schooling
Maximum Size: 15 cm
Algae Grower
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I found one as a stowaway in a killifish tank and later traded for 3 more at an LPS. Very nice fish. The male has red tips on the tail fin and the females do not. The male will display a dark or chocolate color when looking to spawn. This fish hangs out at water level during the night while lights are off.
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I have a couple of these guys and they seem to do real well with the other tank mates such as; neons, pea puffers, Kissing gouramis, cory cat and even a molly.
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I just got three of them and they're very active and out and about but they leave my shy dwarf gouramis alone. They have very pretty coloration.
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I have two of these guys and they are beautiful. They school and get along well with my Australian Rainbows.
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Very underrated fish. Had a school of them years ago- lovely and can get along in about any tank. Recently spotted an 'orphan' in a tank of Boesmanni at lfs and grabbed it. Looking for more.
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