Indian glassfish (Chanda ranga)
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Indian glassfish (Chanda ranga)


Common Name: Indian glassfish
Proper Name: Chanda ranga
Category: Others
Temperature: 20 - 30 C
Temperament Timid
Maximum Size: 7.5 cm
Algae Grower
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There seem to be a number of varieties of glass fish out there. There's even a new one called the rhino glass fish or something like that. About fifty bucks a pop last time I saw them on the lists. The coolest ones I've owned were supposedly wild caught and had a yellowish pinkish hue to them and faint vertical markings. They were way healthier than the dyed ones (of course) and even fared batter than the typical undyed ones we're seeing more and more now. Beware of weird cauliflower like growths. Although it doesn't seem to be fatal in and of itself, it's rumored to have something to do with a contagion in importers holding tanks. I've also heard it might be remedied with the addition of salt. Not sure though. Buyer beware.
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Don't be a part of the problem. Ask your local fish stores to stop selling dye injected fish such as glassfish.
Junior Member
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I only have one of these fish left out of three, These fish are apparently not as hardy as my class/ghost catfish. The single fish seems to be a tad bit aggressive to its tank mates. Cool looking fish tho...
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Yes males especially, are a bit aggressive towards other fish, so watch out what fish you keep them with. I have many wild caught ones in my community with penguin tetras, puntius denisonii and Clown loaches don't keep them with slow moving fish or docile fish like neons and cardinals in my opinion. Mine won't touch pellet food even if they starve to death. They eat only shrimps, worms etc. A small video of recently caught Chanda Ranga fry -
Wannabe Guru
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I've had them for literally years. Out of the 5 I got round 5 years ago, I have 3 left. I just got 4 new ones. I like these guys, especially when they're little. Tommy

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