Gold Laser Cory (Corydoras sp CW010)


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Gold Laser Cory (Corydoras sp CW010)


Common Name: Gold Laser Cory
Proper Name: Corydoras sp CW010
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 24 - 25 C
Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size: 0 cm
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Nice coloration on this cory. Many pictures show it looking more like C. aeneus with a stripe but it's more of a yellowish/gold hue. I've had 11 of them for close to two months and they're most often in groups of 3-4 fish. Not many plants in the substrate in their tank but if there were they might be uprooting some. I couple of them in particular spend a good amount of time digging, heads buried almost up to their eyes with their tail straight up. Being fed 3 different brands of sinking pellets and they all come swimming to the feeding spot within seconds. Cute fish for sure and one of my favorites.
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