Bulldog Pleco (Chaetostoma cf. thomasi)
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Bulldog Pleco (Chaetostoma cf. thomasi)


Common Name: Bulldog Pleco
Proper Name: Chaetostoma cf. thomasi
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 21 - 25 C
Temperament Peaceful
Maximum Size: 7.5 cm
Algae Grower
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Great small pleco. We call them rubbernose or rubberlip plecos around here. The LFS i work at sells them for very cheap. Almost as cheap as a reg. pleco. Better for algae control than the larger normal pleco. Seem to be slightly more prone to ich than most fish. (luckily freshwater ich is really easy to remedy)
Algae Grower
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Very attractive fish mostly sticks himself to my drift wood right next to my clown pleco. Petco in my area was rearranging there store and had lost there ID book with prices, and not having the fish guy due to being sick I got this fish for $2.49. A steal for this great fish almost want to bring their mistake to attention, and pay them the right price almost =]
Planted Tank Guru
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A decent Algae Eater. Loves the Brown Algae. Like to hide in caves but is not shy when comfortable. I haven't noticed any digging with this Pleco, but I also don't have them in planted tanks. Colors range from Brown, Grey and even a Blonde color. Some have spots and some do not. My favorite features of this fish is the large 'BullDog' head and the armor plates that seem to over lap each other. A previous comment states this fish is more prone to Ick then other fish but I have noticed the opposite. These and other Catfish are quite resilient to Ick and external parasites. This fish has the potential to grow much larger then the size listed here. Proper feeding (Not over feeding) will allow you to maintain a healthy, smaller sized fish. I feed mine a 50/50 diet of sinking shrimp pellets and Spirulina pellets, as well as the algae found in the tank. They have been great with my less aggressive Cichlids.
Planted Tank Enthusiast
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Mine never lived long. They never took any prepared food for me. They like cool water and my tanks just never were set up right for them. My oldest lived 7 months then I found him dead. All other fish are fine and over 2 years. I have better luck with otos.
Algae Grower
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Great pleco for a smaller tank, the color rations on mine looks cool, green with light green spots, only problem i have with him is he likes to dig out cretin areas to hide, i put some small pebbles in the areas he started digging out to help prevent the sub strait from falling from high spots, if anything if made him start digging more realy annoying to watch him do it lol
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I've had my 'tank' pleco for going on NINE YEARS now. Very cool looking babies. My red finned black shark does NOT like him very much though. Never has though he is an eleven year old crabby grump.


Bulldog Pleco

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