ballon red eye tetra (red eye tetra)
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ballon red eye tetra (red eye tetra)


Common Name: ballon red eye tetra
Proper Name: red eye tetra
Category: Others
Temperature: 72 - 82 C
Temperament Schooling
Maximum Size: 3 cm
Algae Grower
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they reach about 3 inches. females are plumper and larger than males. theyare shy but can become fin nippers. i keep a group of 12 in my tank. they form loose schools when they adjust to their environments. they are also voracious eaters. small fish, aquatic insects, worms, and any bug that accidentally falls into the tank is eagerly chomped to pieces.
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Good looking and very active fish. I usually use them during the intial stages of the tank getting ready as they are pretty hardy. Also they eat almost any kind of food and not very picky. I am not sure if this is their regular behaviour but in one of my tanks they nibble at plants with thin leaves to the point of complete elimination. So much that i had to move them out to save some plants. Might want to look out for that.
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These little guys are alot of fun to keep. They remind me of little piranhas! I live putting pinhead crickets or even 1/8" crickets in the water, the swarm all around them and are always hungry for more!
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i luv these guys they will eat any kind of insect that they see even ones bigger then them, from my experience it is better to keep them in a school of four or more becuase the can become nippy towards eachother. also they are very hardy so if ur starting up a new tank these guys will do perfect when your tank is starting to cycle.
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I started with 15, 5 have jumped out so if you have open top be aware that they are jumpers
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Very hardy! Mine has gone in three different tanks with different parameters and different companions. Now its in my 20 gal. I kept a school of them. 5-6! :D

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