Red Hook Silver Dollar (Metinys Rubripinnis / Myleus Rubripinnis)


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Red Hook Silver Dollar (Metinys Rubripinnis / Myleus Rubripinnis)


Common Name: Red Hook Silver Dollar
Proper Name: Metinys Rubripinnis / Myleus Rubripinnis
Category: Characins
Temperature: 24 - 32 C
Temperament Schooling
Maximum Size: 20 cm
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This schooling characin is herbivorous, can get quite large, and prefers shady conditions - not exactly the ideal candidate for a planted tank, but it can be done. Try dark substrate, and bitter-tasting epiphytes (the usual anubias and ferns, both java and bolbitis); large crinium can be used for providing shade in a tank that's longer than it is tall. They are prone to ich; be sure to inspect specimens closely prior to purchase, and quarantine prior to adding to display tank. All that said, they are otherwise fairly hardy, are generally compatible with other species of fish, and their big-eyed appearance has a sort of goofy charm.
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I have 4 of these guys in my 100gal. They grow fast. I love this fish they are very entertaining. Mine are almost a year old and 4-5". Due to their deep body's they are pron to bloat that can make then float upside down. This happens if they are over fed the wrong food. They need veggies or greens I'm their diet. When mine got bloat I put him in a QT tank and he was all better in a few days. This fish should not be kept with plants unless you don't care about plants. I use mine to despose of my plant clippings. They love duckweed.
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