Apisto (apistogramma hongsloi)


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Apisto (apistogramma hongsloi)


Common Name: Apisto
Proper Name: apistogramma hongsloi
Category: Cichlids
Temperature: 76 - 82 C
Temperament Territorial
Maximum Size: 8 cm
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I'm Priez from Indonesia...I very interest with Apistogramma hongsloi...I think this is a beauty fish...may I kow how I can get this fish since I'm in Indonesia...thank you for your helping...
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'Apisto' is not this specific species Common name but more of a general term for all Apistogramma species. Apistogramma hongsloi seems a bit harder to come by in the hobby, but often goes by the names: Red-lined dwarf cichlid, Red Streak Cichlid, Rotstrich Cichlid, and Blackseam Cichlid. Some of these common names have also been given to other Apisogramma species, causing a bit of confusion in the hobby. The wild version has little color but captive breading has resulted in several color morphs. They look like an Apisto and Krib mixed in my opinion :)
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Do any of the moderators update these as the name "Apisto" is wrong - There are so many errors in the Fish database on Planted tank - We have no access to correct from what I can see. I have A. Hongsloi 2 females and a male - pretty fish with a blue grey body, yellow cheeks, and red on the fins.
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