Blackside Darter (Percina maculata)


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Blackside Darter (Percina maculata)


Common Name: Blackside Darter
Proper Name: Percina maculata
Category: Others
Temperature: 10 - 25 C
Temperament Predatory
Maximum Size: 9.2 cm
Planted Tank Obsessed
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This fish is very shy, but very neat to watch if you can see him during the day. He feeds on left over food and moves around very cautiously on the bottom foraging through moss and between plants. At night with a moon light he moves around carefully inspecting floor of the tank and rests on pieces of drift wood waiting for food to float by. He's not nocturnal, just shy. If you are lucky enough to find one get it. Very neat fish to watch.
Algae Grower
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Neat little fish and more tolerant of warmer temps and slack waters than many other darter species. They do get larger than most species of darters and are quite predatory at larger sizes - at 3.5-4" they have no problems eating fish up to the size of a rosy red minnow. Like all darters they're very personable and are almost always inspecting something within their respective territories. They're better kept in small groups as they tend to have confidence in numbers and lose their shyness. Mine would take pieces of shrimp from my fingers. Like most darters they have a high metabolism and require frequent feedings or else they begin to waste away.
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