Tiger Shrimp (Caridina sp. )


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Tiger Shrimp (Caridina sp. )


Common Name: Tiger Shrimp
Proper Name: Caridina sp.
Category: Invertebrates
Temperature: 20 - 24 C
Temperament Active
Maximum Size: 4.5 cm
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These guys are awesome...the picture is one of the less colorful ones...mine has bole stripes and a red tail...i think that they are nocturnal though cause i dont see mine during the day
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I have Tigers and Cherries. In a predator-free tank like mine, ther are active and "cruzing around" all the time. Extremely prolific in my tank. When I put my hand in the tank they're all over it :-) Very cool.
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These shrimp are the best. They are pretty hardy, they are active, they all look a little differant. Mine too jump on my hand and clean it. Tiger shrimp are natural beauties. I have RCS and crs the tigers are my favorite.


Tiger Shrimp
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