Jullii Cory (Corydorus julii)


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Jullii Cory (Corydorus julii)


Common Name: Jullii Cory
Proper Name: Corydorus julii
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 20 - 24 C
Temperament Active
Maximum Size: 0 cm
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I believe petco markets Leopard Cories as Jullii Cories, cause i've never seen one of these but i've seen the name
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Julii Cories are apparently pretty rare, and frequently "false julii" cories or Corydoras trilineatus are labeled as true julii's in shops. This picture is correct, however the wikipedia one is not. Here is a great link to explain the difference easily: http://www.scotcat.com/factsheets/c_trilineatus.htm (ps my false juliis, sold to me as juliis, are a great little dwarf cory, very animated, social and excellent cleaners. They love having more fish to their shoal than less.
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I've got 3 of these with my other cories and they're probably my favorites out of the bunch. They're just as active and curious as the rest. I like their color and texture better. Also their eyes seem to be a bit bigger giving them a really timid and curious look. I can sit and watch them for hours. Get some!
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