Angel catfish, Polka-dot catfish (Synodonits angelicus)


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Angel catfish, Polka-dot catfish (Synodonits angelicus)


Common Name: Angel catfish, Polka-dot catfish
Proper Name: Synodonits angelicus
Category: Catfish
Temperature: 24 - 28 C
Temperament Reclusive
Maximum Size: 35 cm
Algae Grower
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Mine spends his days hiding in his "cave" a hollowed out section on the backside of a piece of African bogwood. He doesn't harrass my 2 Ancistrus, but has very little tolerance for them when they wander too close to his territory. I've heard they can get pretty nasty when they get larger, but mine is still a bit small, and seems fairly tame, minus chasing the Ancistrus away from his cave


Angel catfish, Polka-dot catfish
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