Johannii (Melanochromis johannii)


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Johannii (Melanochromis johannii)


Common Name: Johannii
Proper Name: Melanochromis johannii
Category: Cichlids
Temperature: 22 - 27 C
Temperament Aggresive
Maximum Size: 12 cm
Planted Tank VIP
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These guys can get really nasty. Not suited well for a planted tank (except for a more hardy setup with Anubia or Java Fern). They are Herbivores so watch out! They are extremely agressive conspecific, but their agreesion is still not great for a community setup either. Be prepared for a bit of a work if you get these guys.
Algae Grower
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They like very high pH (up to 8.5) and hard water. Better when kept at a 1M:3F ratio. VERY aggressive to everyone, but specially their own species and males of other species. More than one male will cause sub-ordination and the non dominant fish to lose coloration... the dominant male will have very distinct black lines and several fake eggspots over a deep blue body. Females are yellow. They like lots of rocks and a sandy bottom, which they will constantly rearrange. Males will claim 2-3 self built caves as their own and aggressively lure the females to spawn. Vegetarians... and very eager eaters! I have them in a tank with Anubias and they hardly ever bite at them. Also had them with Egeria Densa and they left it alone. Fun fish to keep. They recognize their owner, beg for food, are very active "miners" and have great colours.
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