Fish Profiles - Killifish

Fish Profiles - Killifish


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Total Profiles: 237
Total Images: 836
Total Comments: 1833

Fish Profiles

Chocolate Lyretail (Aphyosemion australe)
Proper Name: Aphyosemion australe
Common Name: Chocolate Lyretail
Comments: 9
Images: 2
Red Killifish (Aphyosemion bivitattum)
Proper Name: Aphyosemion bivitattum
Common Name: Red Killifish
Comments: 7
Images: 1
Golden Wonder Killifish (Aplocheilus Lineatus)
Proper Name: Aplocheilus Lineatus
Common Name: Golden Wonder Killifish
Comments: 22
Images: 4
American/Florida Flagfish (Jordanella floridae)
Proper Name: Jordanella floridae
Common Name: American/Florida Flagfish
Comments: 14
Images: 2
Clown Killifish (Pseudepiplatys annulatus)
Proper Name: Pseudepiplatys annulatus
Common Name: Clown Killifish
Comments: 5
Images: 1
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