Fish Profiles - Characins

Fish Profiles - Characins


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Fish Profiles

Red Hook Silver Dollar (Metinys Rubripinnis / Myleus Rubripinnis)
Proper Name: Metinys Rubripinnis / Myleus Rubripinnis
Common Name: Red Hook Silver Dollar
Comments: 2
Images: 1
Red Eye Tetra (Moenkhausia Sanctaefilomenae)
Proper Name: Moenkhausia Sanctaefilomenae
Common Name: Red Eye Tetra
Comments: 2
Images: 2
Golden Pencilfish (Nannostomus beckfordi)
Proper Name: Nannostomus beckfordi
Common Name: Golden Pencilfish
Comments: 5
Images: 4
Banded Pencilfish (Nannostomus espei)
Proper Name: Nannostomus espei
Common Name: Banded Pencilfish
Comments: 0
Images: 1
Dwarf Pencilfish (Nannostomus marginatus)
Proper Name: Nannostomus marginatus
Common Name: Dwarf Pencilfish
Comments: 3
Images: 1
Coral Red Pencilfish (Nannostomus mortenthaleri)
Proper Name: Nannostomus mortenthaleri
Common Name: Coral Red Pencilfish
Comments: 3
Images: 1
Cardinal Tetra (Paracheirodon axelrodi)
Proper Name: Paracheirodon axelrodi
Common Name: Cardinal Tetra
Comments: 13
Images: 9
Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon innesi)
Proper Name: Paracheirodon innesi
Common Name: Neon Tetra
Comments: 28
Images: 8
Green Neon Tetra (Paracheirodon simulans)
Proper Name: Paracheirodon simulans
Common Name: Green Neon Tetra
Comments: 9
Images: 1
Congo Tetra (Phenacogrammus interruptus)
Proper Name: Phenacogrammus interruptus
Common Name: Congo Tetra
Comments: 9
Images: 11
Black Morpho Tetra (Poecilocharax weitzmani)
Proper Name: Poecilocharax weitzmani
Common Name: Black Morpho Tetra
Comments: 2
Images: 1
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