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  1. rbarn
    08-14-2009 02:05 AM - permalink
    Sorry havent been on in a while.

    60 gallon is doing nice, Will upload some pics to my thread soon.

    Sump works great.
    I have tested overflow for power failure and it works fine
    Makes a bunch of noise for about 30mins as settles into its
    flow pattern but nothing flooded or over ran.

    Some people insist that a 3rd overflow pipe must be installed on a setup
    like this as an emergency drain so that there is absolutely no way
    for it to overflow, but I think this is only needed on higher flow systems that
    surge a huge amount of water at start up and for reef tanks that can clog
    their intake pipes easy.

    Just make sure sump has as little agitation as possible and a sealed lid
    to help keep Co2 in.
    and keep water drop into overflow as short as possible.
  2. tcampbell
    08-07-2009 03:00 AM - permalink
    How is your 60G doing? I love the electric blue rams. Rams are a very common and cheap fish here in Taiwan, at about 2dollars a piece for the German Blue Rams, I will look for the Electric blue ones. Beautiful!

    I like your sump and design and the fact that it is quiet. Is there any problem with flooding with power loss etc? I am looking at designing a sump for a new 120cm tank, and considering adding a overflow hooked to a drain incase of power problems and flooding. any suggestions or things to consider based on your observations from your planted sump tank?
    Thomas Campbell
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