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  1. LiquidEric
    11-17-2008 02:59 AM - permalink
    Hi jay i like you photos on your site. About 5 years ago i set up my first high-light diy co2 tank and was very happy with it. The Rotala rotundifolia was very red and the tank looked good. I had a cannister filter at the time and could only have the inlet/outlet on the left side of the tank because of some short hoses. When i posted my photo on i photoshopped out the tubes because they were ugly and werent going to be there much longer.... You posted a comment saying i had photoshopped the color of my photo. I didn't. Jay it offended me. I swear to god i didnt touch the color of the photo and if you look back at the thread everything i said was true. You may find it strange i am bringing this up years later, but i am telling the truth and you should consider it before you post in the future.

    Best wishes,
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