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  1. darthmilmo
    03-06-2013 06:23 PM - permalink
    RE: Red Cherry Shrimp post.
    I have a sizable colony of Red Cherry Shrimp. I'm currently nursing five baby bristelnose plecos in there (they were under 1/2 inch when I first got them). I also have some assassin snails. The shrimp have been multiplying like crazy. I recommend having at least 2 sponge filters as they retain the nutrients in the water column for the shrimp. I feed mine the algae in the tanks, plants in the tank, algae wafers, fish food, and even frozen bloodworm. I have not tried blanched vegetables like some suggest. On a side note, I dumped 6 shrimp in my 29 gallon tank as an experiment. I have 2 flying foxes and 7 platys in there. I was presently surprised to find most of them there one month later. I will be adding more to that tank soon to start of a second colony. I think the key to having a sustainable colony with fish is to have fish with small mouths.
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