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Conversation Between Bananariot and pandamonium
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  1. pandamonium
    08-17-2012 06:29 PM - permalink
    Frogbit I can but not blyxa. I'm growing it out and it tends to be a melter when it's moved to a new tank. I still have enough of it but want to get more before I move it around.
  2. Bananariot
    08-17-2012 08:50 AM - permalink
    You think you can bring some frogbit and blyxa with you to school?
  3. pandamonium
    07-09-2012 08:25 AM - permalink
    you basicaly just beat normal, then game restarts in nightmare, then beat that to get to hell mode, then finally inferno. gear you had when you win a mode stays with you. in the next mode everything is harder and the gear is better. think of it like WoW dungeons and then WoW heroics. like 10man ICC (normal), 10man ICC heroic (nightmare), then 25man ICC(hell), 25man heroic (inferno). once you get the game let me know. i end work this thursday so i can run you through some parts of the game if you want anytime this week at nights
  4. Bananariot
    07-09-2012 08:18 AM - permalink
    I got talked to one of my buddies here on TPT and he's down. Yo so how does game progresssion work?

    Do i beat normal and then restart on nightmare difficulty? Does the gear transfer over?
  5. pandamonium
    07-08-2012 08:51 AM - permalink
    its about time. i need a diablo buddy. my cousin joined the working force so he has less time for the important things like diablo and sc2. i got my barb and WD in nightmare mode so i can carry you pretty far. get ready to get wow again lolol
  6. Bananariot
    07-08-2012 08:43 AM - permalink
    Dddddiiiiaaaabbbbllllooooo tuuuueeesssdddaaayyyyyyy
  7. Bananariot
    07-01-2012 09:55 AM - permalink
    Dude after exams.....crap I have summer courses......might take it easy on those tho. Maybe I'll get it after I come back from vacation.
  8. pandamonium
    07-01-2012 02:21 AM - permalink
    dude when are you getting diablo 3? i can't play this game alone forever dude
  9. pandamonium
    06-24-2012 09:21 AM - permalink
    dude i just went through my tank. i have to use red light because fish cannot see that wavelength. eels can't either. i found 1 honeycomb fat as ever chilling in his crevice. the other one was gone i have no idea where. then i saw, he was chilling on a leaf at the top of the tank, probably after demolishing the bloodworms i put in at lights out. I WANT TO BUY MORE! but they are pretty pricey those cats. 3 hours should work. i have to be up at 9 too. but i have 3 hours on you hahahaha. i want to breed honeycombs. apparently its the same as cory cats.
  10. Bananariot
    06-24-2012 09:18 AM - permalink
    DUDE I'm testing a 3 hour sleep cycle theory so I'm pushing myself till 6 because I have to be up at 9 lolol
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