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Conversation Between binbin9 and Koro-chan
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  1. Koro-chan
    01-23-2013 01:04 PM - permalink
    lol, shrimpaholics anonymous..
  2. binbin9
    01-22-2013 04:16 AM - permalink
    Tell Me about addiction. I'm glad I have some support in another addict. =)
    Just picked up 10 Blue Velvet's today.
  3. Koro-chan
    01-22-2013 03:47 AM - permalink

    I've been keeping planted community tanks for about a year now. Had oscars and a small mouth bass I caught at Spanaway lake while growing up and thru college and decided I wanted to get back into the hobby last year. That bass surprisingly lived 6 years in my 55 with an albino and tiger oscar.

    Donated my fish in my 29 gallon planted biocube to Midway Pets. Did my due diligence and studied everything I could on CRS. Seemed like a good starting point. Got my water parameters down and got 10 S+ from Seachaz who got them from Denny's pets up in Kirkland. Had some ups and downs. Thought I lost 6 over night and found them in my aqueon hob while cleaning (sigh). Then I found a sweet deal on ebay 20 SS for $140. Got a couple of SSS in the mix with 2 extra shrimplets in the moss. Less than a month keeping shrimp and I now see 3 berried females (all no-entry hinomaru). Least to say, I'm addicted.
  4. binbin9
    01-21-2013 03:36 PM - permalink
    Welcome to TP. I'm a local guy too. How long have you been in the hobby?
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