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Conversation Between inka4041 and ashes2ashes
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  1. inka4041
    12-24-2011 06:15 PM - permalink
    That, I do not, unfortunately. Gchat is basically the only one I use, lol. I haven't really been checking AC any more either. It seems to have really died down over there.
  2. ashes2ashes
    12-24-2011 05:55 AM - permalink
    I'm good. It's been a while. What have you been up to? I never catch you around AC anymore and I never sign into my AIM or G-chat accounts and I know you don't have MSN. Do you have Yahoo by any chance? lol
  3. inka4041
    12-24-2011 04:19 AM - permalink
    How's you? Long time no see!
  4. ashes2ashes
    12-23-2011 11:48 PM - permalink
    Hey you!! =)
  5. inka4041
    12-23-2011 07:54 PM - permalink
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