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  1. thefisherman
    12-31-2011 01:33 PM - permalink
    feel free to PM whenever you want to discuss your projects! i'm just a beginner but i read a lot (and mess up a lot :P)... i would love to share any experience i have with you
  2. thefisherman
    12-31-2011 01:32 PM - permalink
    thank you for your kind words leaa, especially coming from someone who's tanks I am envious of! :P

    I find growing stuff emmersed is easy up until you decide to flood it lol. I am still learning the ins and outs of recently flooded emerssed growth... the plants basically reset themselves and are prone to stunting or even melting. I think it has to do with the sudden lack of CO2... so i have been dosing ferts and excel and it seems the plants are beginning to rebound. HC is such a finicky little plant!

    I think nano's are the most challenging because water parameters can swing at an instant, so its less forgiving (its excellent practice!). I know I wouldn't be as sharp with my 20g if it weren't for my nano. I would recommend however considering a 30 breeder in lieu of a 20g long. they are practically the same in footprint but extra 6" depth. because i know you're an excellent grower of plants, you will find a 20g crammed! (like i do lol)
  3. leaa
    12-30-2011 03:11 AM - permalink
    Hi fihserman, thank you kindly! Yes, my betta boy is my baby, but a tailbiter annoyingly. He loves to cruise around the wood and lacefern and spy on my shrimp (Darwin red-nose, aussie natives which looks o neat). Where can i find your journal? All my tanks except the 5g are evolutions from an original, rather noob design which i planted out once i advanced a bit more in the hobby. They've turned out well, but i'd love to start another larger tank from scratch with a clear design in mind, like carpet of glosso and a little tenellus around an epic piece of driftwood. I saw your albums and love designs in both the 20g and 2g nano. did you find growing emmersed easy? I've read some articles from Tom Barr on it, particularly seems sucessful approach for filling in alae free carpeting plants. Maybe you can share some info and i'll try a nano bowl i have lying around for some extra red cherry shrimp i have .
  4. thefisherman
    12-20-2011 11:28 AM - permalink
    leaa i love your tanks! I also love your handsome little betta! we have a little guy just like him, his name is Poncho! You could see him in my nano tank journal
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