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  1. rbtmccord
    05-30-2013 09:55 PM - permalink
    Part 3
    I would like to have a splash of color red in there somewhere but again not certain what would be best in my situation.
    I will be dosing with GLA CO2 Paintball system.
    My lighting will be 2 x24 watt T5HO bulbs 1 6700K and 1 flora bulb unless you think some other combination will be better. This will give me 3.6 watts per gallon of light.
    Lighting will be on 9 hours a day to start.
  2. rbtmccord
    05-30-2013 09:55 PM - permalink
    Part 2
    I want a low dense lawn especially in the foreground on the right and the left but in the valley in the left center I was thinking of maybe breaking the two apart with some chain sword, DHG or some other plant. I really like dwarf baby tear or aka pearl grass but have heard is it very difficult to keep planted if you plant by the stem. So I am considering getting several 3x5 matts of it or riccia depending on which you feel might be best in this situation.
    I also would like suggestions for mid and background plants.
    As for the root I have 1 small anubias nana in one of the crevices near the top. I am thinking of weeping moss, christmas moss or some other moss on this root as well.
    I have never dealt with moss before but believe that you can cram it into crevices and nooks in the roots and it will latch on over time. ALso I know you can tie it on with thread or fishing line. Sounds kinda messy but I suppose over time it works well.
  3. rbtmccord
    05-30-2013 09:54 PM - permalink
    I was referred to you my MABJ.
    I really need your help and expertise. You can get info on my thread but I can fill you in here quickly as the folks from The Planted Aquarium Central are calling me back tonight to take my order. I just set up a Nuvo 16 tank with 20+ lbs of Eco-complete Planted Black Fine Substrate anywhere from 2-4+ inches deep. I have a large piece of rose root see attached image. I am looking for plant suggestions for this scape. I do have more wood so I can come up with another piece on the left if you feel that would be a benefit.
    See second pm for additional informaiton
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