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  1. amberskye
    05-26-2011 09:00 PM - permalink
    hurro xx
  2. amberskye
    04-25-2011 09:44 PM - permalink
    yup clips are overkill. Ive fixed intake hose with suckercups and it doesnt move around. To drill the unit id have to empty tank cuz Its so heavy!! Glass 1.5" thick in places & unit/hood are solid beech. Even my musclehead brother couldnt fit hood by himself. I could try using Eheim hoses but they will still have to be fed through the hole in the canopy and run across that partion. The FLUVAL hoses in their current position work fine, so as long as they dont get damaged, I may as well leave them where they are? Ill have to make more holes in the hood if I need to run anything else into the aquarium i guess. XTRA-LONG tongs are gunna be essential! I gotta view it first from the front at ground level, then get up on the ladders to plant or alter stuff. The view from the top is really distorted so you cant judge what yr doing from up there. When I was planting it wasnt just wet elbows i had either!How I didnt fall right in I'll never know!
  3. robbowal
    04-25-2011 01:43 PM - permalink
    dont worry too much about using the clips they seem to be a bit of overkill another option would be to look at changing the pipes themselves to eheim ones if they will fit the connections (not sure as i dont use fluval filters) but you should be able to buy a small length from your LFS or you can ask them? as their U pipe fitting would work for you (also if you do drill the cabinet you will need to paint or cover the inside of the rear triangle otherwise you will be able to see all the pipework. i would not mess with the tank lid it may be possible to remove it but it may cost you a lot of money to reinforce the top with braces and also the potential damage from a tank failure (it may only be 110Ltr or so but it can do a hel of a lot of damage)
    hope this helps
    OHH just had a thought
    if access is the problem you can get a set of planting tongs ask your LFS (no more wet elbows)

  4. amberskye
    04-24-2011 07:37 PM - permalink
    I did think about doing that and someone else mentioned it yuesterday. Thing is, the hoses still couldnt have the fluval clips on them, because of the canopy that sits over the top of the tank. Im hoping the hoses will be ok as they are The most annoying thing about the tank is the glass covering the top under canopy. You can see its all sealed up. Theres no room to run or hook anything except that triangular area at the back corner. Im tempted to try and take some of the glass out to free up the perimeter. But would the tank then become unstable?
  5. robbowal
    04-24-2011 12:37 PM - permalink
    Hi Amberskye have you considered drilling away the cabinet under the open triangle in the back of your tank to allow access for your pipe work and power cables.
    it may work for you but i cant tell how close the cabinet edeges are (are they directly inline with the glass if so then it may be possible) if it is to mark the area tape a marker to a rod and mark out the area on the cabinet top and then drill two holes so they overlap each other using a hole saw the end result would be an oval Hole to run pipes through. word of warning measure twice and cut once
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