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  1. anubiasnick
    07-01-2011 12:46 AM - permalink
    ok I hear ya , but my first one was literaly a water change left in a bucket with some clippings in it , I left it on my patio and 3 weeks later noticed some of the trimmings had started to grow and mossies had infested it ,so I threw in three Guppies to save plaugues of mossies and forgot about it by october there were hundreds *great golden wonder panchax food and my lfs gave me a massive tub of food (it was...nearly out of date!) and some new plants for the adults , been doing it ever since , so long as they are in partial shade and are topped up when you remember, NO MAINTAINCE ! for the last 3 years I have been doing this every summer and have had zebras,swords wcmm,blackskirts and even Bettas breed this way ,though honestly these last few do need more attention(basically moving the parents about abit) good way to get the kids involed aswell , give it a go bud, win, win sitch in my opinion .
    Ciao 4 now
  2. HD Blazingwolf
    06-29-2011 08:49 PM - permalink
    HD Blazingwolf
    id love too! but money and time are tight, mostly time. i really donnt get to apply the time to the fw tank that id liike right now
  3. anubiasnick
    06-29-2011 08:46 PM - permalink
    why not plant up a container pond , 4 or 5 hours full sun lots of plants and no feeds during the warmer months , and then toss a couple of females in , by the end of summer you will have dozens .
  4. HD Blazingwolf
    06-29-2011 02:45 PM - permalink
    HD Blazingwolf
    as i havent seen any of them in a few days, i will assume eaten at this point wish i had a tankk ii could have dropped them in
  5. anubiasnick
    06-29-2011 02:11 PM - permalink
    Hows the swordtail fry?
  6. HD Blazingwolf
    06-27-2011 01:39 PM - permalink
    HD Blazingwolf
    Ehhhh maybe the first time or two
  7. anubiasnick
    06-27-2011 01:23 AM - permalink
    lol I bet you sound well funny saying mate lol
  8. HD Blazingwolf
    06-24-2011 01:58 PM - permalink
    HD Blazingwolf
    Back atcha mate
  9. anubiasnick
    06-24-2011 04:36 AM - permalink
  10. HD Blazingwolf
    06-16-2011 04:47 PM - permalink
    HD Blazingwolf
    No they unfortunately hide amongst my background plants. I'm feeding baby brine shrimp in that area so we will see if any make it. My tank has a few predators. But I still see one a day so we will see if his survival instincts are strong thanks!
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