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Conversation Between oscarsx and trit0n2003
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  1. oscarsx
    05-07-2011 04:18 PM - permalink
    How the discus keeping going for you?
  2. trit0n2003
    05-03-2011 04:11 AM - permalink
    I would get discus and keep maybe a few angels in there with them. A mated pair or something. Thats what i plan on doing once they start getting bigger.

    There are so many variables and the angels get aggressive lol i think you could do it though. I am!
  3. oscarsx
    05-01-2011 03:33 AM - permalink
    You seem to know a lot about angelfish, how many angelfish in a school so they feel safe? I plan on getting some angelfish/discus despite the myths going around... I feel confident ^^

    I have a 90 gallon now btw, I plan on getting 6 discus w/ angels, think It's a good idea?
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