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  1. umberk
    05-18-2011 04:38 PM - permalink
    Hi, I have a 5 gallon shrimp tank. Its been up for about 2 months having 8 Cherry Shrimp in it for about a month. I do weekly 20% water changes and have thriving plants in the tank. There is a power filter in with its lowest setting, its more or less a higher powered sponge filter. Temps around 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

    I am having an issue recently where I am losing berried females, one released a few babies and died. Today a female who would have released within a few days died. Currently no males have died. The females get slow and less responsive to the point that I could almost pick them up without them swimming away.

    The only thing differently I've done in the past few days is feeding the shrimp, before I had a large amount of algae but a snail took care of a lot of that so I didnt have to really feed before. I currently do not have water testing but will later today. The food I feed does have copper sulfate listed in the ingredients but its one of the last ingredients.
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