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Conversation Between moonshinetheslacker and Centromochlus
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  1. Centromochlus
    01-27-2011 02:07 AM - permalink
    My mini cherry plant got uprooted one night and i have yet to find it, LOL. I think they do better in shrimp-only tanks as they are VERY easily uprooted. I don't really even think they have a root system... but i can't confirm that, since i haven't had mine very long... but it did not come with any roots. It's like a moss. They definitely require pressurized co2, lots of ferts, good amount of light, good substrate (if you plant it in the soil), etc. Soft water probably wouldn't hurt either.

    Edit: Maybe they're easier to care for than i've experienced.
  2. moonshinetheslacker
    01-27-2011 01:58 AM - permalink
    i understand that you know something about these miniature cherry aquatic bushes? What kind of plant are they? Do they look good? Do they do well in low light? Do you have any clue as to what I'm talking about?
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