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Conversation Between kaurushin and DANIELSON
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    09-26-2010 11:58 PM - permalink
    Ya i have Crystal reds/ Cherries/ Crystal Blacks in my 20G Long tank right now.
  2. kaurushin
    09-26-2010 10:48 PM - permalink
    Were you looking to keep the crystal shrimp with the cherries .o.?
    09-12-2010 03:18 AM - permalink
    I have a 46G bowfront with 6 odessa barbs, 1 pleco, 10 tetras, 3 panda cories, and some ghost shrimp. I have a 10G shrimp only tank with CRS and cherries going to move them to my 20G long tank when its ready prob next week. I have a bunch of plants nothing too rare though.
  4. kaurushin
    09-12-2010 01:03 AM - permalink
    NO? My tank is freshwater XD I have endlers and cherry shrimps. I have separate ones housing other things. Most of them are fish fries. I dont have anything special in my tanks plant wise either, just moss ball, clover, anacharis, lace fern, and this shrub looking plant XD haha. You?
    08-20-2010 05:27 AM - permalink
    No problem good to see a local on here. In the NO...What kind of set up do you have?
  6. kaurushin
    08-20-2010 12:24 AM - permalink
    Hey Thanks for wanting to be my friend XD (<--Doesnt know anything better to say!)
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