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Conversation Between WillyJ and kingfisherfleshy
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  1. kingfisherfleshy
    09-21-2010 06:42 PM - permalink
    Ya no worries I am trying to get an apisto pair now :P
  2. WillyJ
    09-20-2010 08:54 PM - permalink
    Dang, I'd mail you some if I trusted myself to pack them correctly
  3. kingfisherfleshy
    09-20-2010 07:16 PM - permalink
    kingfisherfleshy DP's within two hours of where I stop is madison I guess ha ha
  4. kingfisherfleshy
    08-31-2010 03:01 PM - permalink
    Unfortunately no...Im going to have to do some searching/shopping to find DP's...possibly checking a petsmart 45 min away today though
  5. WillyJ
    08-31-2010 02:31 PM - permalink
    Any new developments? I'd love to see a pic of your DPs when you get them
  6. WillyJ
    08-29-2010 04:25 AM - permalink
    Nice! So I just started a journal on the puffer tank, check it out>
  7. kingfisherfleshy
    08-29-2010 03:06 AM - permalink
    AH! I have spent a ton of time reading and emailing people about this fish now. I think Im hooked. Planning all sorts of stuff already. Unfortunately petco drove out all of our LFS's but I am looking around. I think I might try to get one from a breeder (bad cause I wont be able to tell gender, but good cause Ill know how old it is) we will just see. Thanks a ton man!
  8. WillyJ
    08-29-2010 01:21 AM - permalink
    That would probably work, I'd definitely try to get a female for that setup though. You can tell males by the dark stripe down down their belly. The male and the female are both a little over 1 inch. The female is slightly rounder and has distinct spots on a green background. The male is almost completely olive green, except for his belly with the stripe on it, and a little skinner than the female. I got them at the LFS here in Boulder. Great fish, I highly recommend them.
  9. kingfisherfleshy
    08-28-2010 08:42 PM - permalink
    Im looking to have one in a 10g with a oto cat, and maybe a couple tetras or something. I would probably buy some snails for them to munch on too.

    Where did you get yours? How big are they? Thanks, Forrest
  10. WillyJ
    08-28-2010 08:25 PM - permalink
    Hey King! Ya, I have 2 Indian dwarf puffers in my 20gal. They are awesome. They're with some Tiger Barbs, Otos and shrimp and everyone seems to get along. They love snails and will clear your tank of them, so I feed them some out of my 10gal every other day or so. This keeps their teeth from becoming overgrown, plus It's a blast watching them hunt the snails.
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