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  1. kingfisherfleshy
    09-20-2010 06:53 PM - permalink
    Algae is under control these days...we are now starting to see the short leaves die off, and the tennelus put out more 3-4" leaves. Let me know if you want some, I think I am only going to keep three, and I have six.
  2. kingfisherfleshy
    09-05-2010 06:35 AM - permalink
    These look pretty good. I am just figuring out what my clamp lights can do for my intensity we will be seeing soon if I have algae problems or if growth slows down. A couple weeks for me would be good too, I finally got the smallmouth out of there and a cleaning crew (5 glass shrimp, 2 oto cats, 1 cory cat) into the tank. So in a couple weeks and a couple water changes we should know what those plants can do unhassled.
  3. frogmanjared
    09-04-2010 01:21 PM - permalink
    Right now I have 9 E. tenellus... the small variety, haven't turned red in my tanks because I don't have high light. We could definitely work out a trade, give them a couple weeks and we'll see if I can get more runners for you.
  4. kingfisherfleshy
    09-03-2010 10:14 PM - permalink

    Theres the tenellus thread. If you want to swap some let me know. I like this stuff, but wont keep more than three in my tank. If you have the kind that turns red/stays really small I would love to try my hand at that.
  5. kingfisherfleshy
    08-15-2010 07:34 PM - permalink
    Petco makes me want to barf...most of their stuff are the non-aquatics. I did get my sword plant...and my anubias nana from there, but thats it.

    There is petsmart in wausau, and thats okay. At least they have plants that are meant to live underwater.

    We should meet up maybe trade plants or something? Looked at your tanks & dont really know what I could offer you, but we could see?

    I only have a ten but really want maybe a twenty long or a seventy five. Its bad. Over 300g of personal aquaria plus a budding fish farm, and I manage the fish lab on campus. Oh boy.
  6. frogmanjared
    08-15-2010 07:25 PM - permalink
    I'm originally from western WI, close to the twin cities, but went to UWSP for biology and stayed in town.

    Do you know of any good places for plants near Point? Since ScalesNTails went under, its been petco, and their selection is horrible!
  7. kingfisherfleshy
    08-14-2010 10:19 PM - permalink
    hey man...where are you from? Im originally from central wisconsin...moved to south america...moved back to central wisconsin and am about to be a sophomore at UWSP
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