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Conversation Between Eden Marel and Phosaurus
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  1. Eden Marel
    01-09-2011 07:01 AM - permalink
    Eden Marel
    I could do PQ, haven't done a PQ like forever... wonder if I can keep up xD
  2. Phosaurus
    01-09-2011 12:29 AM - permalink
    Once you get the equips you want then advance your rank you can do party quest for faster leveling or party train since every party wants a cleric.
  3. Eden Marel
    01-09-2011 12:24 AM - permalink
    Eden Marel
    I guess I could!! I'm just kinda lazy hunting for their items xD
  4. Phosaurus
    01-09-2011 12:21 AM - permalink
    How about quest? You can make some mills by doing the quest scrolls or well thats why I did. After, I started to buy and sell in the free market.
  5. Eden Marel
    01-08-2011 04:44 AM - permalink
    Eden Marel
    I spend most of my time killing monsters for my equips. I'm kinda poor... only have maybe 6 mil and a lot of equips go for over a mil I think. Plus if I do it the old fashion way, I get some exp, but it does get boring after a while.
  6. Phosaurus
    01-08-2011 03:38 AM - permalink
    Niice!, did you purchase gear for the upcoming advancement?
  7. Eden Marel
    01-07-2011 04:20 PM - permalink
    Eden Marel
    Yea it is a bit easier to level, before it took ages just to get to level 40. I'm so close to changing jobs, my cleric is now level 65... 5 more levels to go!!
  8. Phosaurus
    01-07-2011 09:09 AM - permalink
    I too played on Bellocan. My main server where I spend most of my time. I heard its more easier to level now because back then oh man... haha. I haven't played but I did try out the new class that month Big Bang came out. I stopped playing a while back and around that time found myself getting more into fish keeping. Now, I'm adventuring into planted tanks, its still new to me.
  9. Eden Marel
    01-06-2011 05:14 AM - permalink
    Eden Marel
    Yea, I am sometimes, depends if I get in the mood you know. I play on Bellocan.
  10. Phosaurus
    01-06-2011 05:12 AM - permalink
    Hello, are you active on MapleStory?
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