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  1. F22
    01-26-2010 08:45 PM - permalink


  2. F22
    12-27-2009 08:21 PM - permalink
    Tell me you have water in the tank!
  3. F22
    12-04-2009 05:51 PM - permalink
    hey man, i just got more eco complete in today, if you call me or respond today i'll hold them for you... as far as the eheim media i can get it next friday... just give me a call when you can...


    201 797 6655
  4. buckywah
    12-04-2009 05:38 PM - permalink
    hey mike, how r u doin? haven't checked into the forum in a while. between the restaurant and a crowd here at home on thanksgiving it's been a little crazy. and of coarse the tank still isn't up. got a lot of [censored][censored][censored][censored] on thanksgiving about that. everybody's bettin that the empty tank in the front hallway and the stand in the corner of the room will be there next thanksgiving. still have to move furniture and the tv around. anyhow, that's where i stand right now. i was going to give u a call but i might as well ask u here. can u order me 2 more eco complete? 1 more may do it but i'll probably need some of the second bag. also i need more filter media. got a good deal on a eheim 3e 2078 but didn't get enough media. i need 1 box ( 1 liter ) of eheimmech and 4 boxes ( 4 liters ) of ehiem substratepro. i think thr substrate pro may also come in 2 or 4 liter boxes. if u can get a bigger box as opposed to 4 small boxes, i'd appreciate it. trying to save a few bucks when i can. that's it for now. if u want to give me a call to let me know when it will be in or just send me a message back here. cell 201-779-4689, home 201-339-9243.
    i appreciate all ur help, thanks.

  5. F22
    12-01-2009 08:58 PM - permalink
    hey buddy,
    just checkin up to see how the tank is coming out for you...

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