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Conversation Between RipariumGuy and Lutra
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  1. RipariumGuy
    10-06-2011 03:16 AM - permalink
    Hello Lutra! Thank you for your kind words. It really does mean a lot.

    About my paragraphs... I wrote that post at about 11pm on a school night. When I was originally writing it, I didn't separate it into paragraphs. I ended up doing so later, on the request of other forum members. So it really was that bad!
  2. Lutra
    10-03-2011 06:16 PM - permalink
    I just joined this forum a couple of days ago. Every time I find an interesting/informative thread, there you are! I've already begun sucking up knowledge and ideas from your posts. Thank you. (I wish the Internet had been around when I was your age, I'd have been on it all the time.)

    BTW -- I have a master's in English/Comparative literature and write fiction, and IMHO your paragraph structure is just fine. Writing style is an idiosyncratic reflection of the author's mind, and if yours is more complex than some of your readers, that doesn't mean you should cease to be who you are. Personally, I enjoy reading what you write.
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